the mountain world of Mayrhofen-Hippach

Our guests can enjoy wonderful and well-maintained hiking trails extending over 200 km across the incredible landscape of the upper Zillertal Valley. We can give every guest individualised hiking suggestions so that everyone can discover and experience this unique and wonderful mountain landscape. We’ve got something for everyone, from strolls and easy hikes to hut-to-hut hikes or high Alpine tours.

The Penken and Ahorn cablecars stations are the starting point for many mountain tours and high Alpine walks. The Alpine world of the Zillertal is home to unique flora und fauna. On your walks you can spot rare animal species and brightly coloured Alpine flowers, such as gentian and arnima, as well as the occasional orchid.

Zillertal Alpine Nature Park

Hiking in Austria’s Nature Park in 2015

Spend your summer holiday walking in the Zillertal Alpine Nature Park. There are no public roads, helicopter trips or tourist lifts in the Zillertal High Mountain Nature Park in the Tirol. The high Alpine landscape, known as the Zillertal main range, has been protected since 1991. In 2001 it was given the title „Nature Park“, an international protection category. The Nature Park encompasses an area of 379 km² at altitudes of approx. 1000 m to 3510 m. It would take seven days to walk across the entire area.

Rugged cliffs, glaciers and summits.

Eight mountain huts, numerous three thousand metre rugged rock faces and unique plantlife characterise this high Alpine landscape. It is also a habitat for rare animal species that have lived for over 150 years in harmony with hikers, mountainclimbers and nature lovers.


Peter Habeler

World famous Alpinist & Mayrhofen’s mountain professor

The most beautiful summits

Peter Habeler has conquered five 8000m peaks. Mayrhofen’s famous resident is passionate about the mountain summits of the Zillertal and he shares his fascination for them with the guests in his mountain and ski school. Many people buy expensive equipment and make endless long journeys. For Peter Habeler it’s a lot simpler. He is a passionate walker: „Walking is the measure of all things for me. It is meditative.“ In 1974 he climbed the Eiger North Face with Reinhold Messner in record time. The high point of his career came in 1978 when, again with Messner, he became the first to climb Mount Everest without artificial oxygen. Other legendary summits followed, such as Nanga Parbat and in total five 8000m climbs.

An attachment to his native land

Classical summit climbs like the Große Möseler, the Große Löffler and the Olperer remain unforgettable experiences for him. He also loves easier climbs that allow him to enjoy the full glory of his native mountains.  He considers the Zillertal high path from the Berliner hut to the Geraer hut one of the most beautiful climbs in the eastern Alps. Experiencing the glorious high Alpine landscape along the Alpine main ridge, meeting marmots and chamois along the way also provides an impressive high point. And not to mention the cosy huts.

Tips from a pro

  • For ambitious climbers Peter Habeler recommends the 3.087 m high Zsigmondy summit, which you reach from the Berliner south western side. Its striking profile is reminiscent of the Matterhorn.
  • A special tip: not many people hike the 3.418 m high Turnerkamp, which includes 3rd and 4th level climbs, but those who do are rewarded by a heavenly view from the top.


Peter’s motto is  „everyone has their Everest“, meaning that everyone can look for hiking challenges that suit their mental and physical strength. The main thing is to set yourself a challenge that you can achieve. Nevermind how high the goal or the summit that you want to climb, what matters is to find your own Everest. Respect for nature and for your own limits must come first.

Eagle path

Hiking on the wings of an eagle

The Adlerweg (eagle path) is the main hiking route through the Tirol. Well signposted and described in detail, it leads into the nature of the Zillertal Valley.

Along the main route, which resembles an eagle with out-stretched wings, you ascend  23,000 m in 31 stages. Every stage includes special attractions and experiences, which bring the walker closer to the particularities of the route, experiencing them with all their senses. Walking in the glorious mountain landscape of the Tirol is one the most amazing experiences you can have in nature. 4 of the stages are in the Mayrhofen - Hippach region in the Zillertal.